Sunday, January 03, 2010

700 miles and back again

Lessons from Chicago to Rochester

The way there is always easier.
A big girl booster means I have helper--well, half a helper.
My kids can really "hold it."
Wiper blades can be found at the gas station, but not necessarily the right size.
Ohio is a wasteland for rest areas, except for exit 100. It's like some kind of rest area Taj Mahal.
Cleveland wakes my children up.
Spending $10 on toys or coloring stuff that is new is worth it for the car ride.
There is going to be snow when you drive in December and January.
My husband and I always miss our exit if we talk.
M&Ms trailmix in the dark is like a treat, a snack and a game.
Sometimes the under 3 toy in a kids meal is cooler.
And as my 10 year old nephew says, "that last half hour is really hard."


Karen said...

ditto on the wiper blades. my rear one fell to bits.

Just Me said...

Oh my... That is hysterical!