Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Year End Self Evaluation

Name: Heather
Department:Intedomine Household
Title: Co-Supervisor (Mother)

1.What do you consider to be the top three to five priorities of your job as you understand them?

Feed & clothe all department members. Mentor and give selflessly to the younger department members. Keep the walkways clear. Stock the department with salty snacks and cookies.

2.What do you see as your greatest accomplishments or successful efforts over this past year?

I moved our department from being one dependent on diapers to being a diaper free environment. This saved us an average of $60 per month and several extra loads of laundry per week. I instituted a new form of discipline and "credit system" which has resulted in greater unity of purpose in the department and quicker conflict resolution. Whining has been reduced by 6%.

3.What factors, environmental or otherwise, impacted your job or your ability to perform your job during the last year?

My Co-Supervisor has been occupied with career development training which has left me to shoulder the burden of responsibility within the department. The work load is really meant to be carried by more then one individual. There have been times that I forgot to restock the cashews and clear the walkways. Also, perpetually mentoring and training younger department members alone became more taxing as the year wore on since I was not given opportunity for study leave or much PTO.

4.Complete the following sentence. I believe that my greatest contribution to the department is: the way I continually show up, day after day. Even when younger department members walk out on meetings I perservere. My committment to this department and company remains strong.

5.In what area or areas would you like to gain more experience, training or education?

I sometimes think the younger staff in my department do not respect my authority as they should. I desire to recieve training in leadership, influence and motivation.

6.What activities, classes or trainings have you participated in over the last review period in order to develop yourself professionally?

I have researched many mommy blogs and done some interesting reading into ADHD, discipline and creative parenting. As I said I was not given much PTO or study leave this year.

7.What could you do to perform your job duties and assigned tasks more efficiently?

Organization is always a weekness of mine. For a while I kept up with meal plans and small activity plans and structured cleaning times. Then as the year went on I lost that focus. I could benefit from an assistant or at least a company provided PDA. This would really enhance my ability to supervise operations more efficiently. Meanwhile, I need to refocus on planning ahead and getting to bed earlier.

8.What can your supervisor or co-workers do to assist you in becoming more efficient?

My team members could take more responsibility for organization, keeping walkways clear and other daily tasks like playing with toys. It is most frustrating when they ask me to play with their toys for them. My co-supervisor, while having little time to devote to internal operations could run important discipline meetings and pick up the salty snacks more often.This would free me to focus on other tasks.

Also, my co-workers and co-supervisor all too often speak out of turn or at the same time in meetings or leave their work stations perpetually interupting work I may be trying to complete. Fewer interruptions would increase my efficiency.

9.Please complete the following. I believe my goals and objectives for the coming year should be:

to move away from wiping butts and noses by the end of next calendar year. I realize there may be times when this duty continues to be necessary to the job, but my goal is that the young department members will take on more of these responsibilities themselves.

10.What other comments or suggestions would you like to offer?

My C0-Supervisor offers good moral support to me, but perhaps while he is on his study leave the company could bring in an intern to alleviate the heavy workload. There are time when I simply can not get it all done. This is proving to be very taxing on all members of the team which is not good for the company as a whole.

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Karen said...

brilliant - Matt is working his this week -for reals.

painted maypole said...

this is great. Can I borrow the idea (giving you credit, of course?) and use as a Monday Mission in January?

Nicole said...

I like this a lot! I always had such a hard time doing these at work!

planetnomad said...

This was great! But sorry, I'm not going to play along. I hate year-end evals too much in real life to want to spend the time thinking about creative ways to answer this one ;)

Farrah said...

This is hilarious!! You are so great! Can we repost this in some form on DM? I love it!